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    Health care

    Maternal and child health
    Dengue fever prevention and treatment
    Genetic health
    Chronic disease prevention and treatment for adults and the elderly
    Tuberculosis prevention and treatment
    Immunization and certification
    Blood sugar test
    High blood pressure test
    Anonymous AIDS testing
    STDs testing
    Various communicable diseases prevention and control
    Health education
    Pap smear test and breast cancer screening
    SARS prevention and control
    Hepatitis prevention and treatment
    Cancer prevention
    Enterovirus prevention and control

    Medical Affairs

    Medical affairs management (including medical care institution, personnel and other medical and pharmaceutical affairs); Application, cancellation, and termination of medical care institution and medical personnel licenses;
    Seizure of illegal medical advertisement and unlicensed physicians;
    Application, cancellation, and termination of medical care institution (outpatient clinic, medical laboratory, medical radiology, physical therapy room) licenses;
    Application, cancellation, and termination of healthcare personnel licenses;
    Medical staff assistance and substitution application;

    Food Sanitation

    1. Report food-related irregularities to authorities;
    2. Management of food poisoning cases;
    3. Food sanitation and campus cafeteria spot check and inspection;
    4. Water filling station spot check and consultation;
    5. Inspection of food labels;
    6. Health food inspection and spot check.